JMT Philosophy


Our Mission is to Provide our Experience in the Industrial and Environmental Contracting Field while Serving our Customers and the Community.



JMT's operating philosophy is to be client and service oriented, responsive, and provide our clients with complete, professional, timely, and cost-effective construction and professional services. Our philosophy can be summarized in six (6) key points:

1. Do the Right Job...and Do It Well

We prepare a complete scope of services based only on the needs of our client, the project and the regulatory requirements. And we excute the work plan with experienced, knowledgeable people.

2. Develop a Team Relationship with the Client

We place a great emphasis on an early understanding of goals and objectives and are in close, frequent communication with our clients from the outset of the assignment until its successful completion.

3. Control Schedules and Costs

Our commitment to schedules and budgets is as important as our commitment to the quality of our technical product.

4. Maintain Confidentiality

It is our policy to minimize the client's risk and liability by treating all information as confidential, except as required by the project, by law, or where the information is already available to the public.

5. Work Safely

We maintain a strict health and safety program for all field activities, as well as a comprehensive employee medical monitoring program and OSHA training.

6. Maintain Objectivity

When asked by our clients, JMT will procure analytical and drilling services, waste disposal or other specialized services from qualified subcontractors based upon the requirements of the project, our experience with the subcontractor, cost, client preferences, and the ability of the subcontractor to meet schedules.